Criterion HVAC - Custom HVAC equipment modifications, Heresite and other coatings, and explosion proof modifications

In the rapidly changing HVAC market place, customization is becoming the solution for many of today's challenges.

Criterion  is positioned to handle the small volume customization which, due to the competitive nature of standard manufacturing, is simply not addressed by most HVAC manufacturers.

Customizations include:

Modification of equipment for ASHRAE 62 requiring larger percentages of outside air.

Custom design enhancement for the requirement of double wall construction for indoor air quality concerns.

Corrosion prevention and protective coatings for Industrial, Marine, Seacoast, Offshore, Urban and Farm environments.Disassembled air handling unit with HERESITE coated coil

Marine duty water-cooled and air-cooled equipment.

Outdoor modifications for standard indoor equipment.

Low temperature and ultra-low temperature equipment.

Explosion proof equipment for critical environments.

Custom designed equipment such as diesel engine driven compressor units.

Criterion can help you with all of the above special applications as well as other challenges or design enhancements to meet your needs.

Our goal is to not only provide you access to customized and design-enhanced equipment, but to also become your primary resource for all areas of non-standard modifications. We have attempted to consolidate as much information here as possible for this segment of the HVAC industry. We welcome engineers, contractors, manufacturers' representatives and building management personnel alike, and hope you will bookmark our site and check back often. 

Please contact us if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.


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